Exercises to Lose Chest Fat and Your
Man Boobs

Yes, there are many different exercises you can be doing right now to lose your man boobs and remove that excess fat on your chest. If you put in the time and effort, you'll lose those man boobs, and that embarrassment will be gone for good.

Here are a few essential tips to help you lose your moobs.

Cardio - Cardio is the most important thing you need to be doing if you want to lose your boobs. This is because cardio is going to be responsible for burning the fatty tissue thats sitting on top of your pecs. If you don't do cardio and do strength training exercises like push ups, this will actually just build the muscle thats beneath the fat which will make your boobs look even worse. There isn't one cardio exercise that's the best, I would just say that you should pick one that you can realistically see yourself doing 4 times per week for 30 minutes each time. You also have to make sure that your heart rate will be at about 85% of your maximum heart rate, this will ensure the best fat burning results.

Cable Crossovers - This is a great exercise to tone up the inside part of your chest. You'll need a pulley station for this exercise. Take a hold of a handle on each end and stand in the middle of the station with your arms up by your sides at about shoulder level. Slowly bring your hands together in front of you and cross them, then slowly bring them back to their original position. You want to aim at lower reps and higher weights when you do this exercise. Shoot for about 4 sets of about 7 reps.

Push Ups - Once you start burning your fat and your actual chest starts to show, its important to work your actual pecs muscles. Push ups are one of the best exercises you can do to tone up your pectoral muscles. I am a big fan of push ups because you can do them pretty much anywhere and it'll work your chest muscles, as well as your shoulders and triceps. This is very beneficial because when other upper body muscles, such as your shoulders, are toned it'll tighten up the skin around your nipples. The most important point to understand with push ups is that form is key. If you want to get the most of out push ups, your chin, chest, and groin should simultaneously hit the ground as you go down.

Here are some Important Things to Remember:

Although these are effective exercises to lose man boobs, for many it won't be enough. Many people have man boobs because of a condition called gynecomastia, which is a hormonal disorder where the body produces too much estrogen and a decreased amount of testosterone. Its caused by numerous factors one of which is obesity. Many people have it and don't even know. The only way to fully lose your boobs is to first address this hormonal disorder, and then physically train. There are programs that offer natural ways to balance your hormones while concurrently providing effective training regimes.

Although exerices are important, you should really understand what gynecomastia is, and how you can combat it naturally. Find out: What is gynecomastia?

Here's to eliminating your man boobs,

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